ß - Beta Edition

   This site is brand new and still in beta. If you have noticed anything is not working or have any suggestions for the site, please, don't hesitate to inform us at admin@borrelliwinesltd.com.

Your feedback is important and we are always looking to make information more accessible to you.

In The Works

Online Store

   Once everything is set up and in place we will set up a online store so you can order your winemaking needs straight from our site and have them shipped to your door all through PayPal.

More Media

   This year we are trying to arrange another Cooking with Cathy episode as she revisits us for another winemaking adventure. We will also be posting more pictures of the grape harvest to take place in september for the 2012 season. We are also working on commercials and ads to bring in more wine lovers and to help bring information about our company to you.

More Socializing

   With Twitter and Facebook widely accessible to millions, we plan to bring you the latest news & deals through these social media outlets. These include deals on wine kits to upcoming events and latest arrivals.

ß - Beta Edition